Long Tail Boat - Sunwing Kamala Beach

Long Tail Boat

Long Tail Boat

The ubiquitous long tail boat is found wherever there is water in southern Thailand. The current version with the motor mounted on the back is just the latest modification on this ancient but quite seaworthy...  [more...]

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10 Powerful & Useful WordPress Plugins For RSS Feeds - Web ...

10 Powerful & Useful WordPress Plugins For RSS Feeds

10 Powerful & Useful WordPress Plugins For RSS Feeds

Last updated by engrahmad on August 21, 2015.


RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS is a web feed format used to publish updated web contents to a variety of people around the world. They are provided by bloggers, news publishers are other popular sites to update their users...  [more...]

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Knitting Help - Long Tail Cast-On - YouTube

Instruction for working the long-tail cast on in knitting.

To learn how to...  [more...]

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Long tail, red beak, small bird | BIRDS in BACKYARDS

Long tail, red beak, small bird

I was not able to get a picture of this bird which lit on the ground below my bird feeder and was eating grain. It had markings which looked like a sparrow or finch and was about the size of a sparrow or finch. But it had a very long black tail...much longer than the bird itself. ...  [more...]

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News Aggregator Apps on Android - Android Quality Index

Top 5 News Aggregator Apps on Android

Best ways to keep up to date on Android

We're the best-informed generation ever, with a whole world of up-to-date news literally at our fingertips. The trouble is, it's hard to get a rounded picture of what's going on from a 4-inch Android device.

It's also horrible to read most news websites on your phone, unless they've...  [more...]

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RSS FeedReader Web Part for Sharepoint - Tim Heuer's Blog

FeedReader is a web part for Microsoft SharePoint server products (MOSS and WSS).� It's purpose is to aggregate more than one feed in a single web...  [more...]

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Frozen Lobster Tails - Learn how to buy, cook & eat frozen ...

Frozen lobster tails can also be of the Maine or Canadian variety but those are much more expensive.


Frozen lobster tails have a tougher texture than that of a tail from a live lobster. But frozen lobster tails are far more convenient and because your not paying for the whole lobster, you get more meat...  [more...]

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Long Tail T Shirts, Shirts & Tees | Custom Long Tail Clothing

Find Long Tail T shirts for everyone (including yourself). Shop for popular Long Tail designs in our marketplace, or customize and personalize one yourself! We have a huge selection of unique, Long Tail tees (we're talking about millions of cool-looking designs printed on...  [more...]

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Data aggregation - Wikipedia

Description[ edit ]

The source information for data aggregation may originate from public records and criminal databases. The information is packaged into aggregate reports and then sold to businesses , as well as to local , state , and government agencies. This information can also be useful for marketing purposes. In the United States, many data brokers' activities fall under the Fair Credit...  [more...]

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CodePlex - Project Directory

Client Side RSS Reader web part for SharePoint

An alternative to the RSS Viewer Web Part, this web part displays an RSS feed using client...  [more...]

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Insurance aggregators | BusinessMirror



AN insurance aggregator is another channel through which a customer can acquire insurance. It is among the non-traditional distribution channels of insurance. It has been defined as "a web-site portal or search utility to enable a client to gain several quotes via an electronic e-quote form.

"The insurance aggregator concludes agreements with a number of insurers to provide a comparative...  [more...]

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15 Best Free RSS Readers for Windows - I Love Free Software

Here is a compilation of the 15 best free RSS readers for Windows. You can download these free feed readers on your desktop, and easily keep track of all your favorite feeds.

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1. Snarfer : This free RSS reader comes with an explorer like structure to organize your feeds. Easily discover and manage all your feeds.

2. FeedDemon : This is one of the most popular feed reader. It comes...  [more...]

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Free blog aggregator download - blog aggregator script ...


blog aggregator Scripts Download Notice

Top 4 Download periodically updates scripts information of blog aggregator full scripts versions from the publishers, but some information may be slightly out-of-date.

Using warez version or not proper blog aggregator script install is risk. Download links are directly from our mirrors or publisher's website, blog aggregator...  [more...]

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Creating an RSS Feed in ASP.NET with C# - Dot Net ...

Creating an RSS Feed in ASP.NET with C#

See more tutorials in Advanced . This post has Comments Off on Creating an RSS Feed in ASP.NET with C#.

This tutorial will show you how to create your own RSS feed using ASP.NET and C#

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an RSS feed for your content to be subscribed to.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows you to easily notify people (and machines) of updates to your content. It does this by generating an XML file of your latest posts, blogs, entries, etc. For this XML file, we need to follow a certain structure...  [more...]

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Long Tailed Lizard Care

This is our video for the care of long tailed lizards. We have two lizards here, (Kiwi and Cocoa) in...  [more...]

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All The Deals - Australia's best deals on one site

All The Deals is a deal aggregator. We scour the web looking for Australia's very best daily deals, group buying bargains and travel deals, then list them ALL together on one site, saving you time, money and an overflowing inbox. We are 100% Australian, based in beautiful Wollongong, New South Wales.

How it works

We do not sell any of the deals we list....  [more...]

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Instant Job Search Engine Aggregator v3.7 » HeroGFX ...

Instant Job Search Engine Aggregator v3.7

Instant Job Search Engine Aggregator v3.7

Instant Job Search Engine Aggregator v3.7

javascript JS, CSS, PHP | 2.87 Mb

Instant Job Search Engine is a Job Aggregator and job aggregator that searches multiple Job Sites and Job Boards including: Indeed, CareerJet, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired and Monster all at once, you can add even many more job search...  [more...]

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How to enable RSS in Drupal? - SiteGround Knowledge Base

Home / / Drupal / How to enable RSS in Drupal?

How to enable RSS in Drupal?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication - a web feed format for publishing frequent updates of site content such as news, blog posts, etc.

Publishers benefit from RSS feeds because this lets them syndicate their site content automatically. Readers benefit from web feeds by getting timely updates when something new is posted on their...  [more...]

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Definition of a Mortgage Aggregator | Our Everyday Life

Definition of a Mortgage Aggregator

by Laura Kingsbury

The secondary mortgage market is made up of third party aggregators who buy and sell mortgages.

Related Articles

4 Can You Borrow Money to Purchase Homes in Foreclosure?

A mortgage aggregator is a middleman in the secondary mortgage market who buys individual mortgages from financial institutions, packages them as mortgage-backed securities...  [more...]

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Create a valid RSS feed in Rails - makandropedia

Create a valid RSS feed in Rails

This will show you how to create a RSS feed that the Feed Validator considers valid.

Note that RSS is a poorly specified format. Consider using the Atom builder to make an Atom feed instead. Write a note here if you do.


Create a FeedsController to host the RSS feed. Such a controller is also useful to host other data feeds that tend to gather over the...  [more...]

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2013 - RSS viewer web part not working - SharePoint Stack ...

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We have had a site collection set up in SharePoint 2010 where we added quite a few RSS feeds that showed content from other parts of the site collection. When we upgraded the site collection to SharePoint 2013 (with 2010 layout) all the RSS feeds stopped working.

On our 'pure' 2013 test environment, I tried setting up an RSS-viewer that just showed an external RSS feed. No success....  [more...]

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Cute Ponytail Ideas For Long Hair - Black Hairstyle Magz

Cute Ponytail Ideas For Long Hair

12 photos of the "Cute Ponytail Ideas For Long Hair"

Cute Ponytail Ideas For Long Hair posted on Long hairstyles.

Find out more other Cute Ponytail Ideas For Long Hair, cute ponytail hairstyle for short hair, cute ponytail ideas for curly hair, cute ponytail ideas for long hair, cute ponytail ideas for long straight hair, cute ponytail ideas for medium hair, cute...  [more...]

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PHP example - AJAX RSS Reader - MyTopTutorials

PHP example - AJAX RSS Reader

July 4th, 2013


An RSS Reader is used to read RSS Feeds.

The following example will demonstrate an RSS reader, where the RSS-feed is loaded into a webpage without reloading:

RSS-feed will be listed here...

Example explain - AJAX RSS Reader HTML Page

When a user selects an RSS-feed in the dropdown list above, a...  [more...]

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Long-Tailed Skipper - Bug Scientific Name, Characteristics ...

Long-Tailed Skipper - (Urbanus proteus)

Long-Tailed Skipper - (Urbanus proteus)

View All Images (7)

Staff Writer (1/23/2014): The long 'tail's on the tips of each of Long-Tailed Skipper's forewings helped name this butterfly. It is the most prevalent tailed skipper. These handy indicators can easily wear off as the butterfly flutters through life, making it possible to misidentify it in that case. Most of its forewings are brown with white spots. The dorsal ('back') hairs are a...  [more...]

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Free Rss Feed Generator Downloads - Linux

Download Rss Feed Generator Linux Software



PSP RSS Feed Generator �v.1.0 PSP RSS Feed Generator is a commandline based PSP RSS Channel file creator intended for beginners' use. It scans a local directory and creates a PSP RSS Channel compatible XML file ready to be hosted on a web site. ***Supports directories with ...

ARADO - URL Database & RSS Feed Reader...  [more...]

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Drupal 7 & Drupal Gardens: Add an external RSS feed

How to add an external RSS feed to your Drupal 7 or Drupal Gardens site. This means you can import...  [more...]

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The 15 Most Beautiful Long-Tailed Birds of Indian Subcontinent

The 15 Most Beautiful Long-Tailed Birds of Indian Subcontinent

The 15 Most Beautiful Long-Tailed Birds of Indian Subcontinent

Indian Subcontinent is home of number of beautiful birds, some of the birds are considered under the birds of paradise family and ranked among the most beautiful creatures on earth such as Himalayan monal and Asian Paradise Flycatcher. After a good research, here is the...  [more...]

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Long Sleeve Shirts For Tall Men | Sizes LT - 4XLT Shirt ...

Tall Menswear > Clothing > Shirts > Long Sleeve Shirts

Long Sleeve Shirts

Our fantastic collection of long sleeved shirts have been carefully crafted and selected to provide you with the ultimate collection in tall men's long sleeved shirt designs. �Created using the finest fabrics and materials our shirts continue �to offer superior quality, comfort and durability, allowing you to deliver...  [more...]

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What is a Podcasting Aggregator? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

10 most extreme places on Earth

In today's rapid-information society, we are often overwhelmed with information. We try to keep up with daily events, but we often find it difficult to stay abreast of what's happening around the corner, let alone in the wide world. Much information is now available and there are many ways in which to get that information. Fortunately for those of us who are...  [more...]

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Education Lead aggregators - MarketDrivenEDU

Lead aggregators are marketing firms that act as middlemen between the client (school) and the affiliates.� They negotiate a fixed price per lead with their client and then contract with third parties at lower prices to generate the leads.� Many of these aggregators also generate leads themselves too.� It is important whenever possible to determine how they generate the leads and what rules they maintain for their affiliates.� Leads come in varied quality, with great leads converting upwards of 5X what lower quality leads will convert.�

The advantage of dealing with lead aggregators is that you can have a single point of...  [more...]

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Aggregator - Definition of Aggregator - QFINANCE

Definition of aggregator

Definition of


1. Finance

firm selling product packages a company that combines similar products or services into larger packages, making a profit by cost savings, by reaching a larger market, or by charging more for the combined package. In the secondary mortgage market, aggregators buy individual...  [more...]

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The Rise of the Longtail Keyword for SEO | AudienceBloom

Longtail keywords have always been a part of paid search strategy when setting up campaigns, but they are playing an increasingly essential role in SEO . For website content, like interior pages and blog posts, longtail keywords offer the opportunity to give users more specific content based on what they are searching for.

As users continue to get better at using search engines, their queries...  [more...]

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LongTail Video’s JW Player Becomes First Third-Party Video ...

LongTail Video, the leading provider of affordable, self-serve video solutions for web...  [more...]

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5 Blog RSS Aggregator Alternatives for Google Reader ...

5 Blog RSS Aggregator Alternatives for Google Reader

5 Blog RSS Aggregator Alternatives for Google Reader

Laura Whitener

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Google announced via their blog this past Wednesday that they will be shutting down their Reader service on July 1, 2013, due to a steady decline in usage. The service, founded in 2005, allowed users to aggregate multiple news sources in to one convenient feed....  [more...]

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How to create rss feed using PHP Codeigniter Tutorial

How to create rss feed using PHP Codeigniter

 Posted On 

 |  Yashwant Chavan  

Lets start with step by step guide to create RSS feed using PHP Codeigniter framework.In one of my article I had covered What is RSS and How it works? , First go through this article, you will get the fair idea about RSS feed and how it is useful.

Create trn_feed_article table

This table contains rss...  [more...]

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FireArrow® Products - Free Rss Viewer Web Part

Support RSS feeds from multiple external sources

Support RSS feeds from SharePoint internal pages

Provide configuration panel to manage RSS aggregation list

Set feed limit

Show/Hide title, date and description

Choose from a variety of predefined display styles

Adjust display alignment

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012

Server:SharePoint Services v3 (WSS), SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS), SharePoint Foundation 2010 , SharePoint Server 2010, or SharePoint 2013

.Net Framework:Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or...  [more...]

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Mobile Internet Bandwidth Aggregator - Watchy Technology


Internet Bonding

Zifilink is a portable Internet bonding device gives empowerment to the enterprise to aggregate bandwidth up to 8 different networks (2G,3G,4G, LTE) for seamless Internet connection.

Now Aggregate Bandwidth from 8 Dongles


Use our Zifilink to connect up to 8 dongles and get their combined speed. We aggregate 2G/3G/4G/LTE cellular signals and provide you with an ultra-fast...  [more...]

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