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Multapplied Networks - Bonded Internet™ - Link Aggregation Software

When you can't connect, everything stops!

Bonded Internet™ is a networking software developed by Multapplied Networks that allows companies to combine Internet connections for faster, more reliable networking. Bonded Internet™ allows you to combine ADSL(DSL) with Cable with T1s with Fixed Wireless, etc.

Bonded Internet™ is available through Multapplied's Channel Partners - call us today at 866-578-6957 - and ask for a free demonstration and to find out who offers Bonded Internet™ in...

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Rainbow Aggregator - 2012

Real-time software, internet connection, computer, 55" display

Ed. 3 + 1 AP

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A demo showing how the Internet Radio aggregator works.

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From: Neil Hepburn

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