Drupal 7 Feeds XPathParser RSS Import Tutorial

Screencast tutorial for importing RSS feeds into Drupal 7 using the feeds, feeds xpathparser and field validation modules. Imported data is from scalemates.com

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From: badzillacouk

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Drupal 7 & Drupal Gardens: Add an external RSS feed

How to add an external RSS feed to your Drupal 7 or Drupal Gardens site. This means you can import content from another source and display it on your site.

I didn't mention in here, if you want to get images- you have to edit the FILTER settings on the feed so you accept image tags :)

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From: Heather James (Acquia)

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Importing RSS feeds from PubMed into Drupal

A demo that explains how articles from PubMed can be integrated in a Drupal site. First I explain how it could work, from an enduser perspective (e.g. adding RSS feeds for specific PubMed queries) after which I dive in and explain how you can implement this on your own website using FeedAPI and the feed element mapper 2 modules developed by DevelopmentSEED.

In the demo I'm using a PubMed feed for Myers PZ, who is a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris. His...

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From: Pronovix

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Drupal 7 Tutorials #48 - Using Feeds to Create Content From RSS Feeds

This tutorial shows you how to import content from RSS feeds into your Drupal site. Subscribe for more free tutorials https://goo.gl/6ljoFc, more Drupal Tutorials here: https://goo.gl/YDHhLW

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From: LevelUpTuts

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Feed Aggregator Setup

This video shows the user how to set up the Aggregator module in Drupal 6. The aggregator module allows you to import RSS and atom feeds for display on your Drupal site.

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From: learnbythedrop

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Feeds is very useful module which helps you to import data from different outside sources. Being RSS feed of articles from partner site, Weather information from national environmental agency, VoD database or just list of users in a CSV file. All that can be imported to your Drupal site with Feeds.

I'll explain basic structure of Feeds and show how to configure most obvious use cases. I'll explain different stages of Feeds workflow and how to extend them with your own plugins. We'll also check...

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From: Drupal Association

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How to Manually Import a RSS Feed

If you have a website that is configured to import content from an external source using an RSS Feed, sometimes you may want to manually force that update to occur. This video shows you how to do that in Drupal 7.

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From: GongOnline

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Video 26 - Block (Feed Blocks and Feed Nodes)

Use the Feed Node to import content items from another source, i.e., calendar items, news stories, through RSS (Really Simple Syndication). With a new Drupal calendar coming online this summer, you will be able to import individual events into the system.

Use the Feed Block to reference the Feed Node, decide the number of items to display and title and place the block.

You can create more than one block and have both reference the same feed. For example, you might want a block on the home...

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From: ucwebdrupal

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