List Ticker and Aggregator Web Part for MOSS 2007

Websio List Ticker and Aggregator Web Part displays aggregated data from multiple lists and/or sites as scrolled marquee

The Web Part supports:

1. Single or multiple list aggregation

2. Cross-site aggregation

3. Filter items by specified fields

4. Filter by Audience

5. Sort by specified field

6. All main browser types

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Data Days 2012 - Marc Guldimann - Innovation Track Keynote, Oct 1st

"Innovation Track" Keynote at Data Days 2012 by Marc Guldimann from Enliken, recorded in Berlin, October 1st 2012.

About Marc Guldimann:

Marc Guldimann is the CEO of Enliken. Enliken was founded in 2011 and wants to turn the tables on data aggregators by letting individuals monetize their own data while protecting their privacy and directing the proceeds to benefit charity.

Previously he was the founding CEO of Spongecell. He led product, client services and strategy for the interactive...

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Aggregating Data by Subgroups in STATA

Using the collapse command to create aggregate data from individual-level data using frequency weights.

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What is Data Aggregation & How can it Help Your Company Grow?

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How to use Yahoo Pipes to aggregate Feeds (Flickr and Twitpic) RSS feeds are everywhere nowadays. Nearly every other website spits out these lists of information and the large majority of people don't use them. Yahoo Pipes has been out since 7th February 2007 but in those two years it seems to have existed quietly. Well even though all the aggregation, mixing and sorting of web data sounds complicated, with Yahoo Pipes it's simple.

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YI Webinar: How to Choose a Financial Data Platform and Aggregation API

As a FinTech developer or business entrepreneur, you not only need a good idea, you need great data to support your business needs now and in the future. You need a strong partner who can help power your app with a robust set of permission based consumer account and transactional data and provide the security and privacy protections you'd expect from the largest financial institutions.

Watch our webinar on "How to Choose a Financial Data Platform and Aggregation API" and learn what you need...

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Websio Cross Query/View for SharePoint 2010

Cross Query and Cross View aggregate data from multiple lists / sites by user-defined query and display it as standard SharePoint view.

Cross Query offers to the end-user ad-hoc Query Builder with ability to save/load previously created queries.

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Social network statistics aggregator

The main objective of this demo is the study of the reputation problem within social networks, the definition of analysis metrics and models, and the creation of a web application through which registered users may view, not only social updates in real-time, but also statistical data daily collected, related to all their social profiles. In particular, it has been created, a page containing a general overview related to the user selected, resuming all his quantitative information collected, as...

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Using XBRL Data Aggregator's Perspective - XBRL Best Practices Board Data Consumption Webinar Series

This webinar presents the view from Jo Guo of Morningstar on how can XBRL can be leveraged to provide faster and more granular content to their clients. Morningstar, Inc. is a leading global provider of independent investment research offering an extensive line of products and services for individuals, financial advisors, and institutions.

The webinar covers: An overview of how Morningstar is using as reported data disclosed within financial reports to provide value add fundamental content...

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What is AGGREGATE DATA? What does AGGREGATE DATA mean? AGGREGATE DATA meaning & explanation

What is AGGREGATE DATA? What does AGGREGATE DATA mean? AGGREGATE DATA meaning & explanation.

Source: article, adapted under license.

In statistics, aggregate data are data combined from several measurements. When data are aggregated, groups of observations are replaced with summary statistics based on those observations.

In a data warehouse, the use of aggregate data dramatically reduces the time to query large sets of data....

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From: The Audiopedia

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How to aggregate data in SPSS (Data Aggregation)

In this video, I show how data aggregation is done in SPSS. Data aggregation is used when there is a need to change the unit of analysis from, let's say, individual level to firm level. Or, in science research, one phenomenon may require multiple observations per subject and thus aggregation may be needed. However, before aggregating the data, we might first want to check inter-rater reliability and inter-rater agreement. For more on this please refer to James (1984) and James (1993).


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From: StatArena

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Intro to CFAR-m - an advanced data intelligence solution - Data Aggregation & Item Ranking

A data intelligence solution, offering advanced data aggregation and ranking attributes, CFAR-m helps to describe complex reality with many interacting fields; to extract knowledge, deliver metrics, simulations, and build powerful models.

More @

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From: CFAR-m

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Data Compiler vs Data Aggregator

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From: Avention

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"People Data Aggregator" Job Posting and Networking tool

Resourceful Recruiting helps expand your job openings to other networks by using the "People Data Aggregator." The "People Data Aggregator" scours social media, job boards, resume databases, and websites to find candidates just right for your open positions.

We also specialize in Direct Hire and Contract to Hire opportunities for urgent hiring and hard to fill roles.

P: 419-768-7230

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From: Rob VanVliet

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StruxureWare™ for Data Centers: Data Aggregation

Data center monitoring is only as good as your ability to interpret it. Learn how the StruxureWare™ can aggregate key data points into simple dashboards to help you manage your physical infrastructure, optimize capacity, and maximize energy efficiency.

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From: Schneider-Electric

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Aggregating Data by Subgroups in STATA

Using the collapse command to create aggregate data from individual-level data using frequency weights.

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From: David Braudt

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Data Aggregator Staging Files

Demonstrates on how to upload files to the Data Aggregator

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From: Skoruz Watson

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The Difference in a Data Aggregator and Data Compiler

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From: Avention

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Category Management Insights: Aggregating Disparate Data Sources

APT Category Management Insights aggregates disparate data sources, enabling Category Managers to rapidly understand performance without needing to write complex queries or wait to receive new data.

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From: APTAnalytics

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