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Evolution of json_builder (Gource Visualization)

Gource visualization of json_builder ( Rails provides an excellent XML Builder by default to build RSS and ATOM feeds, but nothing to help you build complex and custom JSON data structures. JSON Builder is here to help.

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"Evening Edition" DevBootcamp student demo

Public demonstration of my DevBootcamp final project, the Ruby On Rails RSS feed reader "Evening Edition." Presented on July 24th, 2015, at the DevBootcamp student headquarters, River North Chicago, in conjunction with my fellow developers Emmanuel Obi and Ben Wootten.

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RailsCasts - #87 Generating RSS Feeds

Join me on Blayze! -

See how to easily generate and link to an RSS feed using new features in Rails 2.0. Watch this episode or details.. Original source : Host your rails apps easily :

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From: Developer's Box

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Memento - Bookmark links and read your RSS feeds

Memento is a website built with Rails where bookmark interesting links and read your RSS feeds.

Check it out at and

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From: Roxas Shadow

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Rails 3 Redirecting and Generating RSS Feeds

This video will explain how to handle the http response using "redirect_to" and will also look at generating an rss feed and use the auto_discovery_link tag to provide the user options to subscribe to feeds.

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From: Joyce John

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Ruby on Rails - Railscasts PRO #87 Generating RSS Feeds (revised)

If you have a page containing a dynamic list of records, consider providing an RSS or Atom feed for it. It is quite easy to do with XML Builder and the atom_feed helper method as shown in this episode.

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From: Railscasts Reloaded

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Basic Authentication and RSS Feeds with Ruby on Rails | Preview

Watch the full episode here:

Check out for Pro episodes and more!

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From: GoRails

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