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RSS Web Feeds - Sky News RSS

Get RSS feed reader software

Once you have a RSS reader on your computer desktop (PC or Mac) you can add or remove...  [more...]

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RSS Tutorial - Code a Website Feed

Code a Website Feed


Websites generally do not create RSS feeds automatically. There are various ways to create RSS feeds. One way is to code the RSS Feed manually.

Create the RSS feed file.

Code the control statements for the RSS feed.

Code the channel statements for the RSS feed.

Code the item statements for the RSS feed.


Create the RSS Feed file.

RSS feeds can be coded manually.  An RSS file is a text file and can be created and updated using most text editors including...  [more...]

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Free Content - RSS News Feeds and Top Ten Downloads ...

Free Content for your website


FreewareFiles News Feeds (RSS and Javascript)

Adding content to your web pages is a great way to enhance your website and attract new and repeat visitors. We provide you with RSS...  [more...]

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RSS Reader 1.6.5 apk free download (Android)

RSS Reader 1.6.5 apk free download (Android)

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+ Apps RSS Reader

Download RSS Reader

You are downloading RSS Reader file for android. Please be aware that here only share the original...  [more...]

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3 Best RSS Feed Readers for Windows 8 - NirmalTV.COM

Home / Windows 8 Apps / 3 Best RSS Feed Readers for Windows 8

3 Best RSS Feed Readers for Windows 8

Posted by: Nirmal in Windows 8 Apps April 1, 2013 1 Comment

Google 's decision to shut down the popular Google Reader was shocking for many who depended on the service to subscribe and read their daily RSS feeds. But now that Google has decided to stop the service (effective from July 1st), you...  [more...]

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ios rss reader tutorial « Lisa -

ios rss reader tutorial <<<

ios rss reader tutorial - Swift iOS - Rss Reader Tutorial Part 1, iOS Swift RSS Reader Tutorial Part 2 Adding images, Swift iOS - Rss Reader Tutorial Source Code (Part 2 Xcode 6.1), Swift.

Tutorial Building advanced RSS reader. Getting started with iPhone Development RSS Reader (Part 2) Creating a new iPhone Xcode. iOS Animations by Tutorials

ios rss reader tutorial. Magazine style news reader. Multiple layout...  [more...]

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View RSS Feeds in SharePoint - dummies

SharePoint 2013 sites are no different. In fact, every app in SharePoint can publish an RSS feed.

You can even create RSS feeds based on views, which means you can filter what gets published to the RSS feed. If you subscribe to the feed, you're pulling the information. However, you can also subscribe to alerts to make SharePoint push updates to you.

RSS feeds are a popular way for people to keep...  [more...]

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Free Rss Reader Downloads - Mac

Download Rss Reader Mac Software



Eclipse RSS Reader �v.2.0.2 Eclipse RSS Reader provides the users of Eclipse-based products with the ability to subscribe to and browse various Rich Site Summary ...

RSS Reader in PHP (RSS, ATOM feed) �v.1.0 Multi-user, full-featured, web-based RSSReader was developed for server based reading of RSS channels. It was developed to...  [more...]

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Linux RSS Readers - Linux RSS Feed Readers

Apart from the cross platform feed readers, you can try these ones on Linux:

Akregator is an open source news aggregator for KDE.

Snownews is a text mode RSS/RDF newsreader. It supports all versions of RSS natively and supports other formats via plugins. Runs on Linux, *BSD, OS X (Darwin), Solaris and probably many more Unices. Yes, even works under...  [more...]

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Windows Phone 7 RSS Reader - Home

Windows Phone 7 RSS Reader application ( ) and one week to make your improvements. This project was my (winning) entry to that competition.

Please not,...  [more...]

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Desktop Rss Reader Mac : Free Download Mac Software

Author: Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.

Date: 18 September, 2013

Size: 0

License: Shareware

Leaf is an amazing RSS reader for your Mac. Read,...  [more...]

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Free PHP RSS Parser - Only 3kb! | BNC Scripts

BNC Free PHP RSS Parser is a PHP script that converts data from RSS feeds to HTML.

It displays it inside your webpage, exactly as if the content were part of you page. You can easily convert RSS feeds to HTML. Easily display news from other sites on your site

Use this script to automatically import content...  [more...]

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10 Best RSS Readers in the Mac App Store -

10 Best RSS Readers in the Mac App Store

March 1, 2012


There's no better way to keep up to date with the latest news than with an RSS reader, because it can save you the trouble of visiting a dozen or more individual websites to get your daily fix of news. 

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and if you're not already familiar with it, it's used by many websites as a convenient way to let readers subscribe to news. Simply click on the RSS button that appears in the title bar of Safari when a website's feed is detected, and your default news reader pops up and prompts you to subscribe. It's even possible to add news feeds...  [more...]

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Creating a Custom RSS Feed with PHP and MySQL


RSS has become the standard technology for syndicating information to large audiences. Many people have something to say, but its finding the right audience for your voice that matters. A great place to start is by creating your own RSS feed and adding to it as often as you can.

In this article you'll learn how to syndicate your own custom RSS feeds using PHP and MySQL. We'll first learn...  [more...]

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IBM developerWorks : android rss reader tutorial

Feb 19, 2010 ... Log.i(tag,"Refreshing RSS Feed"); refreshes my feed... Android seems to not

know how that is supposed to refresh my feed either.. More.

Jun 23, 2009 ... Finally, the Java XML Binding API is also not available in Android. ... The

application will take an RSS feed from the popular Android developer site

Androidster and ...... This is great tutorial of XML parsing I have ever...  [more...]

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