Long Tail Pro Review & Tutorial 2016 Edition

My Long Tail Pro Review & Tutorial 2016

What Is Long Tail Pro?

It is a powerful keyword research software created by Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits , who is a well-respected figure in the niche website and online business building community.

I've been a happy user of this tool since 2012 and can vote for it with confidence. There are several things that I like about it:

Clean Interface and...

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Website: http://www.cloudliving.com

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Long Tail Pro VS SEMrush – Who wins when giants collide ...

2) Interesting Features

SERP Features

A unique and interesting idea. This feature will allow you to filter keywords based on different criteria of the Google search page. So for example, if you want to filter keywords that�do not have videos on the page then click SERP Features and then check the box for Videos. This is a great little feature and it expands to all sorts of things�such as...

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Website: http://agentblackhat.com

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