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AN insurance aggregator is another channel through which a customer can acquire insurance. It is among the non-traditional distribution channels of insurance. It has been defined as "a web-site portal or search utility to enable a client to gain several quotes via an electronic e-quote form.

"The insurance aggregator concludes agreements with a number of insurers to provide a comparative...

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Official: Google Compare For Auto Insurance Launches

Official: Google Compare For Auto Insurance Launches

Lead generation tool aggregates quote information from participating insurers.

Ginny Marvin on March 5, 2015 at 12:36 pm


As expected , car insurance results on Google are getting a shake up as the company enters the lead generation game. Today, the search giant announced the launch of Google Compare for Auto Insurance.

With the tool,...

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Date: 2017-04-02 04:20:18

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Car Insurance Quotes -

Cover for lost or stolen keys

No claims protection

Cover for driving abroad

Here is a full list of the car insurance extras that could be worth adding to your policy.

Check your policy to see if any of these are included as standard, and if not, consider whether it is worth the additional cost to add them.

Which car insurance extras are worth having?

How to get quotes from our comparison

You can...

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Account aggregation: new kid on the block - Telegraph

Account aggregation is a system by which individuals with internet-accessible accounts at several financial institutions can view all their balances and access their accounts from a single independent web page, using one set of confidential access codes.

Account aggregation in the UK remains something of a curiosity, having evolved little further than a system of financial housekeeping. After...

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Date: 2017-03-28 10:11:47

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a list of insurance aggregator websites? | Yahoo Answers

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Best Answer:  I wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole.

They give inaccurate quotes based on inaccurate data with the sole aim to persuade you to click through to an insurance company (they get paid on click-throughs - not on commission per policy sold). They thus aim to give misleadingly cheap quotes to persuade you to click the button.

Try a...

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