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website aggregator(Noun)

A website that consolidates information from a multitude of other websites (often by means of newsfeeds), allowing users to view all...

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what is an example content aggregator website? | Yahoo Answers

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what is an example content aggregator website?

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A new site goes by the name strrip.com and is a perfect example of a content aggregator website.

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An aggregator or news aggregator or feed reader is a client software that uses web feed to retrieve syndicated web content such as blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and mainstream mass media websites, or in the case of a search aggregator, a...

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data aggregator : definition of data aggregator and ...

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The source information for data aggregators may originate from public records and criminal databases; the information is packaged into aggregate reports and then sold to businesses , as well as to local , state , and federal government agencies. This information can also be useful for marketing purposes. Many data brokers' activities fall under the Fair Credit Reporting...

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Aggregation Definition | Investopedia


What is 'Aggregation'

Aggregation in the futures markets is a principal involving the combination of all future positions owned or controlled by a single trader or group of traders. Aggregation in financial planning is a time-saving accounting method that consolidates an individual's financial data from various institutions. It is increasingly popular with advisers for servicing clients'...

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Daily Deal Aggregators – what is your business model ...

Post the series of daily deal sites that have come up in India (or across the world) - there are many deal aggregation services that have been launched. There are on going debates - is there a business model for deal aggregation services?


While daily deals and coupon services are growing in India and else where - many users/customers of daily deals services as well as critiques of this business...

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Deal Aggregator Clone, Deal Aggregator Script, Deal ...

Deal Aggregator Clone Script or Custom Development Solution - Choice is Yours

Ready-to-go Deal Aggregator Clone Platform: Our Deal Aggregator clone platform already has standard features developed that enables you to kick start your project quickly with quality. The advantage of working with us is the fact that we've already got the base ready for you! The website clone architecture that we use...

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