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long tail traffic : definition of long tail traffic and ...

Poisson Pareto Burst Processes (PPBP)

Markov Modulated Poisson Processes (MMPP) [4]

Multi-fractal models [5]

Matrix models [1]

Wavelet Modelling

No unanimity exists about which of the competing models is appropriate [1], but the Poisson Pareto Burst Process (PPBP), which is an M/G/

process, is perhaps the most successful model to date. It is demonstrated to satisfy the basic requirements of a...

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data aggregator : definition of data aggregator and ...

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The source information for data aggregators may originate from public records and criminal databases; the information is packaged into aggregate reports and then sold to businesses , as well as to local , state , and federal government agencies. This information can also be useful for marketing purposes. Many data brokers' activities fall under the Fair Credit Reporting...

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