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firm selling product packages a company that combines similar products or services into larger packages, making a profit by cost savings, by reaching a larger market, or by charging more for the combined package. In the secondary mortgage market, aggregators buy individual...

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Daily Deal Aggregators – what is your business model ...

Post the series of daily deal sites that have come up in India (or across the world) - there are many deal aggregation services that have been launched. There are on going debates - is there a business model for deal aggregation services?


While daily deals and coupon services are growing in India and else where - many users/customers of daily deals services as well as critiques of this business...

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What is the definition of "market aggregation ...

What is the definition of "market aggregation"?


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"Market aggregation" is defined as the marketing of standardized goods and services to a large population of people that have similar needs, according to Inc. Another name for market aggregation is "mass marketing," a strategy that treats all customers as a single group that is handled homogeneously.

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Many products with everyday use are marketed in this way, including gasoline, sugar, rubber bands and dry cleaning services. Inc. explains that the reason why market...

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What is aggregator model? definition and meaning ...

Electronic commerce business model where a firm (that does not produce or warehouses any item) collects (aggregates) information on goods...

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data aggregator : definition of data aggregator and ...

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The source information for data aggregators may originate from public records and criminal databases; the information is packaged into aggregate reports and then sold to businesses , as well as to local , state , and federal government agencies. This information can also be useful for marketing purposes. Many data brokers' activities fall under the Fair Credit Reporting...

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What is cloud aggregator? - Definition from

A cloud aggregator is a type of cloud broker that packages and integrates multiple cloud computing services into one or more composite services. 

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