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What Everyone Should Know About RSS Feeds

Perhaps you've seen text or image buttons on various websites inviting you to "subscribe via RSS." Well, what does that mean exactly? What is RSS, what are RSS feeds, and how do you get them to work for you?

Short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, RSS revolutionized the way that users interact with content online.

Instead of checking back every day to any particular site to see...

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Political News Aggregator Sites and Apps -

Political news aggregator sites are useful tools that offer politics news from a wide variety of sources, making it convenient to read them all in one place.

The best political news aggregators curate or select  top news stories in policy and politics and present headlines along with a blurb or lead sentence, telling you the main point of each article. They are must-have tools for political...

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6 RSS Aggregator Tools to Combine Multiple RSS Feeds

6 RSS Aggregator Tools to Combine Multiple RSS Feeds

Merge and Combine Two or More RSS Feeds Into One

by Elise Moreau

Updated March 28, 2017

It's not always easy to keep track of multiple RSS feeds from all the blogs or news sites you love. In these types of cases, combining multiple RSS feeds into just one can be a simple solution.

Likewise, if you own more than one blog but don't want to...

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Top 7 Free Online RSS Readers -

Top 7 Free Online RSS Readers

Stay on Top of Your Favorite News Sites and Blogs With These RSS Tools

by Daniel Nations

Updated March 16, 2017

If you love to read information from a variety of websites and blogs online , you can customize and streamline your entire reading experience with the help of a good online RSS reader. This saves you the time and energy of having to visit each site...

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Top Mac RSS News Feed Readers and News Aggregators

An RSS feed reader will check subscribed channels for updates automatically and let you browse the news that's important to you. Here are my top picks of news aggregators for Mac users.


Shrook is a clever RSS feed reader that displays and organizes news in a smart (and customizable) way. It's a pity Shrook lacks tools to put news in context and that its interface relies on a wide...

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What Is the Long Tail and How Does It Apply to Google?

Basically, the Long Tail is a way to describe niche marketing and the way it works on the Internet. Traditionally records, books, movies, and other items were geared towards creating "hits." Stores could only afford to carry the most popular items because they needed enough people in an area to buy their goods in order to recoup the overhead expenses involved in retail.


The Internet changes...

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