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Long Tail SEO: When & How to Target Low-Volume Keywords - Whiteboard Friday

The long tail of search can be a mysterious place to explore, often lacking the volume data that we usually rely on to guide us. But the keyword phrases you can uncover there are worth their weight in gold, often driving highly valuable traffic to your site. In this edition of Whiteboard Friday, Rand delves into core strategies you can use to make long tail keywords work in your favor, from niche-specific SEO to a...

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How Big is Your Long Tail? - Whiteboard Friday

Google has said as much as 20% of queries on any given day are totally unique. How can you tell whether to optimize your content for long tail terms, and which long tail terms to optimize for?

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How Google is Changing Long Tail Search w/ Efforts Like Hummingbird

Google's Hummingbird update was different than Panda and Penguin. In todays Whiteboard Friday Rand explains the effect it has had on long tail searches.

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MozCon 2011 - 13 - Matthew Brown - Long Tail SEO in a Post-Panda World

Now that Google’s punishing content farms and judging the usefulness, design, layout and happiness generated by our pages, long tail SEO is riskier than ever. Unless... you listen to Matt, who’ll share battle-hardened techniques for winning the tail.

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