Reseller's Meet n Greet Long Tail vs. Crack Head Pricing Strategy

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Find Niche keywords | Comprehensive keyword Research and Analysis Services Long tail keywords are indispensable part of search marketing strategy because they bring in much more targeted traffic. Furthermore, we will help you discover more long tail keywords that are easier to rank and converts.

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Long Tail - DOWNtoBIS #4

Ashton Bishop & Jeffrey Cooper look at the concept of the 'long tail' and prove its worth as a business strategy.

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Traditional Spring Hunt

Traditional spring hunt of Eider and Long-tailed Duck

Kökar, Åland, May 2011


Exist Strategy - Autumn Breeze

Used under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY-3.0)

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Digital Marketing Strategy: Long Tail Question Answering Lobster Pots This is a great strategy for anyone to use for building lists using blog posts in wordpress. "Lobster Pots" are blog posts that answer long tail keyword questions by providing part answers, then full answers after opting-in.

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INSEAD MBA Dating Strategy - E: Playing for the Long Tail

Go to to check out more MBA dating strategies!

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Marketing Strategy to increase Organic Search Traffic Leveraging Long tail keywords

This video will leverage long tail keywords and teach you how to create a structured content marketing plan which will increase your organic traffic and rankings without investing a dime in Paid advertising. Don't forget to like and subscribe.


Myself Gaurav Agarwal with 13 Years of Online Marketing Experience.

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What are Long tail keywords and how can you use them to get better results?

Learn what are long tail keywords, why they should be an important part of your digital marketing strategy and how to use them.

After you are done, you will have a clear understanding of what long tail keywords are, key benefits to you for using long tail keywords online and how to use them properly once you have identified them.

On this channel, you will find tips, tricks, and insights on

building a profitable online business from scratch no exp reqd

creating video content that...

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Selling Long Tail Items Terminal99 Seller Update

List it and forget it has been a strategy of mine for the past 3 years. Long tail items are a favorite of mine and works well with them.

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Free SEO tips - Long tail keyword best example shown

Here in this video I have shown how to extend a primary keyword to a long tail keyword for better SEO. This strategy will definitely work, give it a try!

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