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Select an RSS Feed Reader

Tips to selecting an RSS feed reader.

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News! (Gnome RSS reader)

Google Reader frontend (RSS reader) with the paper look and feel and minimalistic design.

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Finding a website RSS feed

How to find a website RSS feed.

Note: not all websites provide an RSS feeds, not every pages (for websites with RSS feed) will contain information about it, not every RSS feed is configured properly (sometimes they are set to be empty), some websites use third party to provide their RSS feeds, and some websites provides RSS feeds info on a paticular page.

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RSS Reader: Distraction Free

Linux RSS Reader with unique features: full text extraction, text summary, keyword summary, distraction free, article look

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5-In-1 BBC News RSS Feed Widget for Windows 7

Free Download

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RSS Reader Project in Java

Download RSS Reader Project in Java source code, project report, and documentation for free.

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BeeCR8V Build an App RSS Feed Tab

This video by BeeCR8V Mobile Apps will guide the viewer through creating an RSS Feed Tab in the BeeCR8V Mobile App Dashboard for your new mobile app.

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Online Tricks : RSS Feeds Can Get You 5,000 BackLinks FREE? Free online seo on bulkping for

Online Tricks : RSS Feeds Can Get You 5,000 BackLinks FREE? Free online seo on bulkping for Internet Search engine optimisation Movie best-rss, business-rss, how-to-rss, php-rss, podcast-rss, rss-creator, rss-example, rss-generator, rss-seo-tools, rss-software, rss-to-html, rss-tool, rss-tutorial, video-rss, windows-rss BulkPing/ RSS TUTORIAL on the Best RSS To HTML Methods and Software I Recommend You to use to increase your Website's Rankings and Visibility...

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Rss Reader for Windows Phone 7

Rss Reader for Windows Phone 7 with Ishiriya Wireless Technologies Services Pvt. Ltd

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Android AsyncTask RSS Reader

Link to this tutorial:

Here is a modification of RSS Reader which uses Android AsyncTask class for reading RSS channel data. The base application code was shown in our ealier tutorial that you can find here -

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Webaroo for Mobile - RSS feed Reader

A demo video that showcases the RSS feed reader widget of Webaroo for mobile

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php mysql rss feed tutorial part 1

php mysql rss feed tutorial part 1.

how to create an rss feed from your site using php and mysql

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Leaf app demo

Demo of Leaf app. Elegant RSS reader for Mac

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Newsbeuter - Linux / Mac command line feed reader

Newsbeuter is an open-source RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals. It runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and other Unix-like operating systems. More info:

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Continuous rss scrolling drupal module

Continuous rss scrolling drupal module will create the vertical scrolling reel text show in the drupal website using the given rss feed. This will scroll the rss feed title like reel. The title will scroll one by one in the selected position. Using this module we can show any rss feed in our website. No coding knowledge required to configure this module.

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CSCI 409 Final - Advanced Web Applications

This is the overview of the site I made for the final exam of my computer science class, CSCI 409 Advanced Web Applications.

It is an RSS Feed Reader that features a login system, as well as Facebook support. Code is done completely by me, as well as the whole design.

Languages used:




- Javascript

- JQuery


- And probably more...

You can visit the site here:

Thanks for watching, and if you have any questions, feel free to...

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