seo expert long island - $30k per month with long tail keywords

Long tail keywords should be used as a strategy to compete for SEO or to monetize content. I show an example of a site that currently generates $30,000 per month with a long tail keyword strategy.

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NP 73: How to Make a Successful Website Using Long Tail Keywords: A Discussion of 6 Real Life...

Today on the podcast, Perrin and I discuss 6 examples of successful websites using long tail keywords.

In general, if you are interested in building websites that get traffic from long tail keywords (and often really long tail keywords), then this podcast will give you some ideas and get you motivated.

Overall, if you are interested in learning more about how to apply these long tail keyword strategies in your own websites, please check out Long Tail University (our keyword research...

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Keyword Research Tools and How to Use Them: Long Tail Keywords for SEO If you are working on branding yourself online and you want to run a successful website that PULLS IN LEADS and generates income, you need a rock solid keyword research strategy. Let's start by talking about keyword research tools and long tail keywords for SEO.

The blog:

Get 30 FREE searches with Jaaxy's Keyword Research Tool:...

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Free SEO tips - Long tail keyword best example shown

Here in this video I have shown how to extend a primary keyword to a long tail keyword for better SEO. This strategy will definitely work, give it a try!

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