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seo expert long island - $30k per month with long tail keywords



Long tail keywords should be used as a strategy to compete for SEO or to monetize content. I show an example of a site that currently generates $30,000 per month with a long tail keyword strategy.

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Long Tail Keywords and Insurance SEO-44

Insurance agents and brokers need to determine the long tail keyword phrases applicable to their organization and optimize their website for those phrases. Some insurance SEO long tail keyword examples include: New Jersey Truck Insurance, New York Restaurant Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Florida Property and Commercial Insurance, New York Coastal Condominium Insurance.

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SEO for the Long Tail

Examples of how less popular search queries can deliver quality visitors.

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Free SEO tips - Long tail keyword best example shown

Here in this video I have shown how to extend a primary keyword to a long tail keyword for better SEO. This strategy will definitely work, give it a try!

For more visit www.anicow.com

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Keyword Research Tools and How to Use Them: Long Tail Keywords for SEO

http://livesimpleliveorganic.com/strategies-for-success/ If you are working on branding yourself online and you want to run a successful website that PULLS IN LEADS and generates income, you need a rock solid keyword research strategy. Let's start by talking about keyword research tools and long tail keywords for SEO. http://livesimpleliveorganic.com/strategies-for-success/

The blog: http://livesimpleliveorganic.com

Get 30 FREE searches with Jaaxy's Keyword Research Tool:...

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Quick Tips To Target Long Tail Keyword Search Weight Loss |Seo Tips

You need some quick tips to know how to target long tail keywords. In this video, I show you an example of how to target long tail key words such as Weight Loss. Find long take keywords that do not have a lot of competition. You need a QUICK Method that works. Watch this Quick Guide and Tips in this Video.

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Drupal Scribe SEO Module Demo Video

For more visit http://www.leveltendesign.com/ A demo tutorial for the Scribe Optimizer and the Scribe SEO module for Drupal. The Scribe Optimizer will help you provides advanced on-page SEO Scoring, optimization recommendations, keyword generation, long tail recommendations, keyword volume reports, SERP examples and more.

For more information check out the module download page: http://drupal.org/project/scribeseo

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Google Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik on using your data at SES London 2010

Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR, interviews SES London keynote, Avinash Kaushik, Google, Analytics Evangelist. Avinash summarizes the four stages of understanding and making use of analytics. The first stage is how to visualize tens of thousands of rows of data so you can see it one page and see what data is sending traffic to your site. The second stage is how to compute a complete value of your website, giving you an economic indicator of your websites productivity. The third stage discusses how to...

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