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A long long time ago Opossum's tail was long and bushy.

He loved his tail and spent all day cleaning and brushing it. When anyone came to visit him, he made them listen to his latest song or poem about his tail. And...

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Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species

Mustela frenata

What do they look like?

Long-tailed weasels have a long slender body and head. Their long bodies and flexible backs allow them to enter the burrows of rodents and other animals that are smaller than them. On average, males are larger than females. These weasels have long, bushy tails that make up about 50% of their total body...

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Long-tailed goral - Wikipedia

The long-tailed goral (also known as the Chinese gray goral) was and is sparsely found in the wild throughout China, Russia, and Korea, as well as the Himalayas. [5] The main population in the wild today is found in Russia where there is a population of about 600 which is in decline; in other places the populations are below 200.

Many of these animals are kept in zoos throughout the world. (e.g.,...

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Cat Breeds With Long Tails | Pets World

Ever wondered what are those breeds of cats that have longer tails? This post mentions the breed name and pictures of such cat breeds that have long,...

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Types of Monkeys - Buzzle

A Complete List of All Types of Monkeys You Wouldn't Want to Miss

Pygmy marmoset, with an average body length of 5.5-6.3 inches, is the smallest monkey in the world, while the Mandrill, with an average length of 30-37 inches, is the largest. In between the two, there exist hundreds of species which are broadly categorized into two types - New World and Old World monkeys.



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Common animals in Norway - Intro Engelsk

Common animals in Norway

Norway is home to many species of wild animals. Most of the animals in Norway are not dangerous to people, and we can safely use the countryside without being afraid of wild animals. Some animals live in the forests, while others live in the mountains. Let's take a closer look at some of them:


©Baard Næss/Samfoto


There are many different types of bear. The...

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