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Thousands of sites (particularly news sites and weblogs) publish their latest headlines and/or stories in a machine-readable format so that other sites can easily link to them. This content is usually in the form of an RSS feed (which is an XML-based syndication standard).

You can read aggregated content from many sites using RSS feed readers, such as Amphetadesk .

Drupal provides the...

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Date: 2017-04-03 07:30:22

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How to enable RSS in Drupal? - SiteGround Knowledge Base

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How to enable RSS in Drupal?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication - a web feed format for publishing frequent updates of site content such as news, blog posts, etc.

Publishers benefit from RSS feeds because this lets them syndicate their site content automatically. Readers benefit from web feeds by getting timely updates when something new is posted on their...

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Showing an RSS Feed in a Drupal Block - OSTraining

You can then display that RSS feed anywhere around your theme. We don't need any extra modules this week as we'll be using the core Aggregator Module:

Setting up the Aggregator Module

First of all, we're going to set up the Aggregator module so that it can handle the RSS feeds for us.

Step 1: Go to Administer >> Site building >> Modules. Check the box next to "Aggregator" and click Save Configuration.

Step 2: Go to Administer >>...

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Date: 2017-04-03 10:54:45

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Building a News Aggregating Site Using Drupal 6 - Packt

It is from these feeds that we will create the necessary content.

Tips and traps

An excellent source for "mashup" feeds on any topic is

Add feeds

On the Add feeds page, which is under the Feed aggregator configuration page, we finally get to define our feeds, and how often we want them to be polled.

We want our Bad News feed to be polled every hour, so we have configured it this...

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