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Ear Cropping and Tail Docking

Should You or Shouldn't You?

By Camille Pagan

Reviewed by Amy Flowers, DVM

Elective surgery for dogs: It may sound odd, but it's exactly what some purebreds undergo shortly after birth. Two surgical procedures -- ear cropping and tail docking -- have long been routine in certain breeds like Dobermans, German shorthaired pointers,...

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What is My Dog Trying to Tell Me? | Modern Dog magazine

What is My Dog Trying to Tell Me?

What is My Dog Trying to Tell Me?

Decoding your dog's body language

By Sue Alexander


Think for a moment about going to a bridal shower after a long day at the office, a 90-minute traffic snarl, and four customer service misunderstandings to get your bank card reactivated. Most likely, you aren't in the mood for a "fun" time. Nevertheless, it's an important...

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