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WP News Aggregator – Create a Wordpress News Aggregator

Create an awesome news aggregation WordPress site in minutes!

Add a news aggregator to your WordPress site or start a news aggregator from scratch.

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Show related news to your users

Related news is displayed with each article, so users can get more of the story, from a variety of news sources.

The plugin automatically searches for related news and displays its findings next to each news articles.

Create categories in seconds,...  [more...]

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what is an example content aggregator website? | Yahoo Answers

This Site Might Help You.


what is an example content aggregator website?

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A new site goes by the name and is a perfect example of a content aggregator website.

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An aggregator or news aggregator or feed reader is a client software that uses web feed to retrieve syndicated web content such as blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and mainstream mass media websites, or in the case of a search aggregator, a...  [more...]

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Overview of Web Parts available in SharePoint Server 2007 ...

Web Parts are the basic building blocks of pages on SharePoint sites. They enable you to customize a SharePoint page to display content or business data from many sources on the same page. You can also use Web Parts to display information from external sources, such as RSS feeds or news sites.

There are more than 60 Web Parts included with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. You can also buy...  [more...]

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OpenFinance Overview



Provides data aggregation services that automate the gathering of data from numerous sources, in a wide variety of formats, and delivers that data in a single consolidated format.


Aggregates financial information from multiple external institutions, and/or from multiple internal application systems, located anywhere in the world.


Helps firms provide the sophisticated and complex transparency, reporting, business intelligence and analytic services increasingly demanded by their customers.


Provides services to clients...  [more...]

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Insurance aggregators | BusinessMirror



AN insurance aggregator is another channel through which a customer can acquire insurance. It is among the non-traditional distribution channels of insurance. It has been defined as "a web-site portal or search utility to enable a client to gain several quotes via an electronic e-quote form.

"The insurance aggregator concludes agreements with a number of insurers to provide a comparative...  [more...]

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