iPhone and Android smartphone school communication school ...

- Embedded Videos/Maps and GPS directions

- Create your own unlimited custom eForms with payment and signatures if required.

- Unlimited content Categories (Create unlimited content categroies on the fly) 

- RSS Feed and Google Calendar integration

- Password protected content

- Social Media Integration with Twitter and Facebook.

- Social Media sharing (Option for...

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Website: http://www.skoolbag.com.au

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21 Must-Have Apps For Ubuntu Desktop - OMG! Ubuntu!

8. Dropbox Cloud Storage


Dropbox provides an official Linux client that integrates with the Ubuntu desktop superbly, letting you quickly selectively sync files to and from their service, back-up new files instantly, and more.

Don't use Dropbox? You can use Google Drive on Ubuntu out of the box on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and later.

Visit the Dropbox Website

9. Franz Messaging Client

The days...

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Date: 2017-04-03 09:40:56
Website: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk

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Abilon - Free download


Abilon is a simple application but it manages to provide quite a lot of functionality as users are able to install it in a matter of seconds and further configuration is achieved within a few mouse clicks. The utility works as a news aggregator and users have the possibility to add their favorite websites to the feed list in order to receive instant updates whenever new...

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Website: http://www.updownload.com

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What is RSS? - Definition from WhatIs.com


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RSS is an XML -based vocabulary for distributing Web content in opt-in feeds. Feeds allow the user to have new content delivered to a computer or mobile device as soon as it is published. An RSS aggregator or RSS reader allows the user to see summaries of all their feeds in one place. Instead of visiting multiple Web pages to check for new content,...

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Website: http://searchwindevelopment.techtarget.com

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IBM developerWorks : android rss reader tutorial

Feb 19, 2010 ... Log.i(tag,"Refreshing RSS Feed"); refreshes my feed... Android seems to not

know how that is supposed to refresh my feed either.. More.

Jun 23, 2009 ... Finally, the Java XML Binding API is also not available in Android. ... The

application will take an RSS feed from the popular Android developer site

Androidster and ...... This is great tutorial of XML parsing I have ever...

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Website: ibm.com

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Best Free Desktop Email Clients and Alternatives to ...

Best Free Desktop Email Clients and Alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

Almost all of us have one or more email accounts and most of us check our Inbox regularly using either web browser or a dedicated email client.

Now-a-days almost all email service providers like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc provide so many advanced features in their web interface which makes the use of email desktop client...

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Date: 2017-04-03 04:27:44
Website: http://www.askvg.com

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