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What is a cloud services brokerage (CSB) company? Here is a  list of CSB companies along with an FAQ.


Welcome to Talkin' Cloud's look at the cloud services brokerage (CSB) market. What exactly is a CSB -- and what companies serve the market? We'll update this FAQ and list regularly. 

1. What is a Cloud Services Brokerage?

According to Gartner Inc. , a cloud services brokerage...

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Date: 2017-04-03 04:43:15

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Software Inventory Logging Aggregator -

Software Inventory Logging Aggregator

What is SIL?

Software Inventory Logging Aggregator (SILA) receives, aggregates, and produces basic reports of the number and types of Microsoft enterprise software installed on Windows Servers in a data center.

SILA is software that you install on Windows Server, but is not included in the Windows Server installation. To install the software, first download...

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LeadPro247 Lead Aggregator Software, Lead Generation ...


About LeadPro247 Lead Distribution and Management

This is the official blog of LeadPro 24|7 Online Lead�Aggregation, Lead Sales, Lead Distribution, Lead Tracking and Management, and Online Surveys software platform. All posts on this site will be related to the LeadPro 24|7 lead aggregator and management platform software solutions, delivered as a cloud based service.

If you are...

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Mercury Software - Award-Winning Aggregator | Connective

Unleash the full potential of Mercury with complete training and ongoing support

A flexible software platform that provides complete business support

We often hear from brokers who are not with Connective, protesting that their aggregator's software is hampering their growth. In fact, according to The Adviser Magazine, almost half of all brokers say they're unhappy with their current aggregator's...

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