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Long Tail Keyword Phrases for SEO Marketing

by Jennifer Kyrnin

Updated February 19, 2016

Using long tail keyword phrases will help your SEO efforts by increasing your reach and giving your customers articles and information that answer specific questions they have. There are lots of reasons to use long tail keywords. But you can't start doing long tail keyword marketing if you don't know how to use find long tail keywords and use them on...

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How to Build an RSS File From Scratch -

by Jennifer Kyrnin

Updated November 25, 2014

RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a very easy XML language to learn because there are only a few tags that are required. And what's really great about RSS is that once you've got a feed up and running, it can be used all over the place. Most Web browsers can read RSS, as well as readers like Google Reader and Bloglines. RSS is a powerful tool for any...

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