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Long-Tailed Skipper - Bug Scientific Name, Characteristics ...

Long-Tailed Skipper - (Urbanus proteus)

Long-Tailed Skipper - (Urbanus proteus)

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Staff Writer (1/23/2014): The long 'tail's on the tips of each of Long-Tailed Skipper's forewings helped name this butterfly. It is the most prevalent tailed skipper. These handy indicators can easily wear off as the butterfly flutters through life, making it possible to misidentify it in that case. Most of its forewings are brown with white spots. The dorsal ('back') hairs are a...

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Black-Tailed Bee Fly - Bug Scientific Name ...

Black-Tailed Bee Fly - (Bombylius major)

Black-Tailed Bee Fly - (Bombylius major)

The Black-Tailed Bee Fly is a fine mimic for a fuzzy bee. The disguise offers it time to leisurely visit flowers and drink the nectar undisturbed.

Staff Writer (8/28/2014): The Black-Tailed Bee Fly is a fuzzy, hovering, buzzing look-a-like to a bumble bee. The long proboscis ('tongue'), however quickly gives...

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Hummingbird Moth - Bug Scientific Name, Characteristics ...

Hummingbird Moth - (Hemaris sp.)

Hummingbird Moth - (Hemaris sp.)

The delightful Hummingbird Moth is often first thought to be a bird, making potential predators as well as humans take a second look.

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Staff Writer (1/5/2016): Fast beating wings and a furry body give the Hummingbird Moth the appearance of a small hummingbird, but the moth lacks the long, thin beak, which is...

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Black Tail Crab Spider - Bug Scientific Name ...

What the Black Tail Crab Spider lacks in claws it makes up for with mighty jaws and a great work ethic.

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Staff Writer (10/20/2014): Crab spiders have long front forelegs that sit more forward on the body. The back pairs of legs are so much shorter and further back than the front pairs that it gives them the appearance of the kind of crab found in the ocean, on a much, much smaller scale.

In addition to the typical Crab spider physique, this particular species has a black spot on the tip of the abdomen, as if their 'butts' (abdomen) were dipped in black ink.

The crab spider does not use a web to...

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Wingless Insect Key - Insect, Spider, and Bug Identification

The Wingless Insect Key can be used to help identify such creatures as Proturans, walkingsticks, silverfish, and diplurans.

More About Insects:

Bad to the Bone: Harmful Insects

Our fourteen point Wingless Insect Key can assist in identifying a winged insect. Beginning with Question #1, determine which statement ("a" or "b") is true for the insect in question. From there, simply follow the...

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