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SimplePie Documentation: SimplePie Plugins and Integration

This is a list of links for documentation for all of the SimplePie plugins and integrations that we are aware of. Let's try to keep this list alphabetized so that it stays well-organized.

Also check out SimplePie Add-ons for enhancements to the core SimplePie functionality.

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Aggregators - A...

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SimplePie Documentation: SimplePie Plugin for WordPress

This plugin has just about everything you'd need for working with feeds in WordPress, and has a TON of features including:

A configuration pane under the Options tab in the WordPress software.

"Multifeeds" support.

MUCH better control over the plugin's output. Supports a simple templating system that allows:

Simple, easy-to-use tags for nearly every piece of data that SimplePie can output.

Support for multiple templates.

Global configuration of default values for several configuration options.

Ability to override the defaults for any given feed - including giving a feed it's own output...

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