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GitHub - ahorn/android-rss: Lightweight Android library to ...

Jan 16, 2011

Package: org.mcsoxford.rss License: Apache License Version 2.0 Authors: A. Horn Description: Lightweight Android library to read parts of RSS 2.0 feeds.


Add as a Maven/Gradle dependency:

Fetch the source code with Git:

git clone

Alternatively, you can download the sources from

To reference the downloaded library from within your Android mobile app, navigate to the /tools/ directory and use the following command:

android update project \ --target

\ --path path/to/your/project...

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GitHub - scripting/river5: A river-of-news RSS aggregator ...

River5 is a river-of-news RSS aggregator in JavaScript running in Node, written by Dave Winer .

How River5 works

When it starts up, River5 reads files in the lists folder at the top level of the River5 folder.

Each list contains a set of URLs of feeds. The list files can be straight text , a JSON array of URLs of feeds, or a traditional OPML subscription list, with extensions .txt, .json and...

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GitHub - rgalanakis/planet-mars: Python-based Planet feed ...


Planet Mars

Planet Mars is a flexible feed aggregator. It downloads news feeds published by web sites and aggregates their content together into a single combined feed, latest news first.

This is a fork of the Python planet feed aggregator originally available at The name Planet Mars comes from the idea that this is a ruthlessly simple alternative to other...

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GitHub - pote/planet.rb: A feed aggregator implementation ...



This IS a work in progress, although most functionality is already implemented, do not expect much stability, and of course patches are appreciated. :)

This gem is also gloriously untested so I will assume that each time we use it a TDD enthusiast's head explodes. I expect, of course, to add some testing later, but for now I'd rather focus on functionality.

What is this...

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GitHub - uschtwill/rails_rss_aggregator

This is a RSS-Aggregator built on Rails.

It started out as a final project of two of Moringa School's first cohort ( dwanjuhi1 & uschtwill ).

Nevertheless we would like to continue to work on this project and eventually deploy and maintain it. We would like it to aggregate posts from Nairobi tech ecosystem's best blogs.


We believe that it could be a cool project for guys...

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GitHub - dylang/node-rss: RSS feed generator for Node.

RSS feed generator. Add RSS feeds to any project. Supports enclosures and GeoRSS.


var RSS = require('rss'); var feed = new RSS(feedOptions);


title string Title of your site or feed

description optional string A short description of the feed.

generator optional string Feed generator.

feed_url url string Url to the rss feed.

site_url url string Url to the site that the feed is...

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GitHub - Microsoft/Windows-appsample-rssreader: An RSS ...

RssReader sample

A mini-app for retrieving RSS feeds and viewing articles, showing MVVM and design best practices. Users can specify the URL of a feed, view articles in a WebView control, and save favorite articles to local storage. This sample runs on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).


Note: Features in this app are subject to change.

RssReader demonstrates:

The navigation menu (hamburger menu) pattern and screen-width adaptivity using the SplitView control and the AdaptiveTrigger class.

The Syndication APIs ( Windows.Web.Syndication ) to retrieve RSS feed data.

The DataContractSerializer class to save and...

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