Secret Academy - Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits

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Spencer Haws is an online marketer who focuses on niche website and has over 200 in his portfolio. He also created the popular research tool Long Tail Pro to help his SEO needs.

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From: Secret Entourage

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152: Interview with Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws created Niche Pursuits originally as a way to discuss the various business ideas he was trying out. However, he’s since honed in on a few areas of business; namely: creating niche websites (in lots of different niches), buying and selling websites, running a software company (Long Tail Pro), and recently selling physical products through Amazon FBA.

Spencer shares what I’m learning along the way in regards to SEO, creating valuable businesses online, and of course the tips and...

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NP 77: How to Hire a Great Software Developer and the Story of Long Tail Pro

If you haven't had a chance to read that blog post yet, I highly recommend that you do so here.

Because I've actually been involved in...

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