what does long tail keyword mean are here what does long tail keyword mean

what does long tail keyword mean are here what does long tail keyword mean

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Long Tailed Keyword Examples

Long tailed keyword are used when the buyer is ready to buy and that means more money for you. http://www.pajamaaffiliates.com

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Video 12 Using Synonyms in your content

Writing for SEO means considering searcher intent. It also means broad keyword and long tail keywords. That's where synonyms come in...

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Long Tail Keywords || What are they and why use them?

======= Long Tail Keywords =======

What are they?

A regular keyword is something short like "olive oil". So, a long tail keyword is something a little bit longer and more descriptive. Eg. "flavoured olive oil store" cuts down to a small fraction of all the pages on the internet that would contain "olive oil". You can also think of long tail keywords as "Natural Language Keywords"...I mean, think about what you'd say in a natural language and then set that as what your keywords would be for a...

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Long Tail Pro Competitor Analysis

3. Keyword Analysis

This video shows the Long Tail Pro competitive analysis tool and explains what each item means, and why it matters. We’ll also share some best practices for finding low competition keywords, including the things we look for when doing analysis for our site.

Get Long Tail PRO Discount here : http://kingwarrior.co/longtailpro-discount-yt

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Best Long Tail Keyword Research Software Tool


Keyword Researcher a Windows software application that generates Long Tail Keywords, imports CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner, and helps you create SEO-Optimized content.

Keyword Researcher lets you easily plan a content strategy and create keyword optimized content. It even has a built-in native WordPress XML exporter. Meaning that you can import your articles right into your WordPress database.


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Best Tool Keyword And Niche Marketing Software Micro

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Enter a keyword. Press "start" and Niche Finder uncovers profitable niches in seconds!

SUPER simple, yet powerful. Green means low competition, Yellow means moderate competition, & Red means stay away!

Find exact match domains for ALL of the keywords... instantly, and purchase directly inside the software!

Quickly see estimated daily & monthly search counts for each keyword!

Filter your keyword list to calculate how many daily...

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Keyword Research Today: How to Keep Pace with Google

Google has ushered in such major advances as entities, co-citation, and machine learning in the form of its RankBrain algorithm. Such advances necessitate the SEO practitioner to evolve their approach to keyword research. Google is getting better at understanding the relationships between concepts, at understanding the meaning behind the query and the intent of the searcher. However, taming the long tail means a shift of mindset when doing keyword research and keyword planning. You can’t just...

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The Long and The Short of It: Defining The Importance of Keywords

http://www.eversparkinteractive.com You know that keywords are important to your SEO campaign and that you need to focus your efforts on the long tail keywords. But what does that actually mean and is it really long tail keywords you need to focus on or highly targeted ones? Keywords are, well key really to the success of your SEO campaign but your strategy needs to ensure you are choosing the rights ones.


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