Keyword Research: How To Identify Your Target Market using Keyword Research

If you don't know the difference between short- and long-tail keywords -- well, it ay sound alike. Short-tail keywords, sometimes referred to as head terms, are short keywords phrases.

Keyword Research: How To Identify Your Target Market using Keyword Research

Typically just one or two words in length. So maybe three words in length, depending on who you talk to.

Long-tail keywords are longer phrases, and usually contain three or more words in the phrase.

It's very important to check that...

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Top Ten Search Engine Rank Using Long Tail Keywords

If you have done any type of internet marketing, you should be very familiar with keywords and their importance in search engine ranking. General keywords are very competitive and you may find your article, if you find your article placement at all, 20 to 30 pages away from the top 10 ranked articles on your subject. It is proven that most people who do a Google search will likely only look at the first 3 or 4 results, or maybe the first page of results. So what if your article is ranked 83 out...

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Long-tail Keyword Researcher - Download the FREE software now for Windows or Mac. It allows you to find thousands of low-competition niche long tail keyword phrases - by saving the data from the HUGE Google AutoComplete (sometimes called AutoSuggest) Database. Longtails are important in your content strategy (your SEO strategy) because they allow you to target niches that are not typically heavily pursued by your competitors.

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