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Keyword Research:

Long Tail Pro is FASTER than ever! I’m talking 8x FASTER than Market Samurai. Find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword – with the ability to capture literally thousands of keywords in seconds.

Find out how many people are actually searching a keyword or phrase each month.

Competitor Analysis:

Save countless hours by having Long Tail Pro quickly analyze...

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Lijit CTO Manny Puentes Talks About Advertising as a Business Model

You've heard for ages that advertising as a business model is not really feasible unless you have a site that receives millions of page views. I had a chance to catch up with Lijit CTO Manny Puentes about advertising as a business model for long tail and medium tail publishers. It was an eye opening discussion about how bloggers can work with advertisers and brands.

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Listen to The Long Tail Audiobook by Chris Anderson, narrated by Christopher Nissley

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Chris Anderson first explored the Long Tail in an article in Wired magazine that has become one of the most influential business essays of our time. Now he takes a closer look at the new economics of the Internet age, showing where business is going and exploring the huge opportunities that exist: for new producers, new e-tailers, and new tastemakers. He demonstrates how long-tail economics apply to industries ranging from the toy business...

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How to find long tail keywords to use to increase your search traffic

Long tail keywords do not receive as many searches as shorter keyword phrases, but they can often be much easier to rank for, or cheaper to advertise with via Adwords. This video will give you a good overview on how to use freely available tools to find long tail keywords in any niche.

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